The Data Centre

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Our servers are based in the UK in two separate data centres close to London and the local BT exchange for better reliability and faster ping times. A fully switched Point-To-Point 100Mb/s network connects each individual server to the Internet through a series of switches and monitoring devices, ensuring optimum uptime and data integrity at all times.


The data centre building is constantly monitored inside and out by CCTV and has a fully armed alarm, with sensors on every door and in every room, making an intrusion near impossible. Only authorised personnel are allowed into the actual server rooms for additional security.

Climate Control

Each server room is fully air-conditioned and constantly monitored by special thermometers to ensure a constant optimum operating temperature of 17-21°C. This is complemented by a series of fans around each room that ensures an equal distribution of the cold air.

Power Supply

The power supply is fully backed up with UPS devices and a fully automatic generator system enabling unlimited hours of power supply in the event of a power cut.


Connectivity is based around a multi-homing BGP4 configuration. Using three separate backbone connections, the servers remain connected even in the event of one of the lines becoming faulty. This is complemented by a series of core routers and distribution routers that filter traffic, ensuring the network is free of unused packets that slow the connectivity. Cisco 7200 Series Routers are used for core routing, and a number of 3600 series routers for broader routing and aggregation.