Web Development Company, London: The Web Development Process

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Our approach to web development and design follows a seven-stage process:

Stage 1: Initial Consultation

Following an initial discussion by e-mail or telephone with our website development company experts, we will prepare a free proposal document detailing your requirements together with the fees and time scales for our services. At this stage we may also present some additional ideas and advice that we feel could provide you with more opportunities to develop your site on the Internet, such as if you need web development to target London-based clients. If necessary we will then refine the proposal based on any feedback you may have on the web development in order to give you a final cost and time analysis.

Stage 2: Final Proposal

If you are satisfied with the proposal document and need to discuss it further, we will then hold a face-to-face meeting or a further discussion by email or telephone. During this discussion we will finalise any points prior to entering into an agreement.

Stage 3: Agreement and Initial Payment

If you are satisfied with the proposal document and would like to proceed further, we will prepare an agreement of services and invoice for the initial payment for the development. Once the signed agreement and invoice payment are received we will begin work on the project. The agreement is specifically and fairly prepared to protect both us and you. You will receive a sample of the agreement for your review with the initial proposal document.

Stage 4: Web Site Wireframes

Prior to starting any design or development work and for more complex projects, we will first mock out the functions of the site; that is, the way it will work. The wireframe walkthrough of the site will help you to visualise the placement of items on each page such as menu bars, search boxes, and so forth. It will also allow you to see how the site visitor will navigate through the site and how site functionality will be implemented.

Stage 5: Web Template Design and Functional Development

With the wireframes completed, our development team will start work on building the functionality for the site. At the same time, we will also commence the iterative design process with you to finalise the actual look and feel of the web site.

The design may be based upon any preferences you have for colour, style, competitor sites, corporate branding, and so forth. Based upon your feedback on the template, we will refine the design style accordingly and present you with an updated template. This iterative process of feedback and refinement will continue until you are completely satisfied with the final design.

Stage 6: Integration and Refinement

Once the site design has been agreed, it will be integrated with the site content and / or any other site components included in the project. The system will then be thoroughly tested before being presented to you for review. Once again, we will undertake a process of feedback and refinement on the full development until you are completely satisfied with the final web site.

Stage 7: Completion

With the web site finished to your satisfaction, we will then complete any post-development tasks you have requested (such as search engine optimisation).

What happens after the web development is complete?

Once your site is up and running, this is not the end of our relationship. You may want to amend the way the site works, or change text or images. We will always be available to you for ongoing support and maintenance, and any future work requested will always follow the same structured approach described above - no matter how small the update, there will never be any hidden surprises.

As a professional web development company, we also guarantee the quality of our work. We provide a three-month guarantee on all completed projects, so that if for any reason you find a coding error or omission it will be corrected free of charge.

How long does a web site take?

This will depend very much upon your particular project requirements. However, you can be assured that whether it is a brochure site, online store, cms-driven site, or complex bespoke system you will be given a realistic project plan for the development.

Because of our unique company structure, you never need to wait for more than a few days for your project to begin, as we always have the necessary teams to hand ready to start.