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Portfolio of Work: Static & Small Business Web Sites (Page 4)

Client: Silvia Anselmi
Location: London
URL: www.silviafashionmakeup.co.uk

Silvia Anselmi, a freelance make-up artist in London, required a small brochure site to promote herself, her services and a small portfolio. The project was completed on a small budget, with the overall design style being chosen by Silvia. The project completed in around 2 weeks appearing on Google shortly afterwards.

Client: Compensation Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases
Location: Sellafield
URL: www.csrld.org.uk

This project was commissioned by British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL) to provide a web site for former and present employees who may have suffered from radiation exposure. One of the key elements of the site was to present a design that felt relaxing and disassociated from pain and illness. The scheme participants felt that the resultant site met the brief exactly.

Client: Vantage Public Relations
Location: Monmouth
URL: www.publicrelations-pr.co.uk

he client requested a redesign of their frames-based web site after they were unable to get listed well on the search engines. Ampheon redesigned the site and then optimised it with an almost immediate improvement to their search engine positions.

Client: Oxford English Centre
Location: Oxford
URL: www.oxfordenglish.co.uk

One of Ampheon's oldest clients requested a re-design of their language school web site to help bring the site into line with current branding and to give it a fresher feel. The new site exceeded expectations and has increased both enquiries and bookings received.

Client: HSE Europe
Location: London
URL: www.hseeurope.com

SE Europe approached Ampheon to build them a corporate brochure web site. The site needed to be lightweight and without the inclusion of any images as the client felt these might detract from the message the site needed to deliver. The dynamic elements of the site included an Adobe Flash header, floating menus and a contact form.

Client: HLT Magazine
Location: Canterbury
URL: www.hltmag.co.uk

This redesign was undertaken on a tight budget following the initial successes of the original site designed in 1995 by Ampheon. The free magazine is considered to be the authorative resource within the industry and Ampheon's input has helped to ensure that the readership levels continue to grow significantly.

Client: Oxford Fun Run
Location: Oxford
URL: www.oxfordfunrun.org.uk

Ampheon were requested to build this web site by an existing client. The purpose of the site is to promote the annual charity fun run event in Oxford, so as to make it easy for potential runners and sponsors to find information.

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