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Client: Luke Owen
Location: Glastonbury
URL: www.lukeowen.com

This minimalistic web site was built to support the latest work and exhibition from an up and coming talented artist, Luke Owen. In addition to building the site, Ampheon also helped to recover the domain name from a previous web hosting supplier after problem arose in trying to contact them.

Client: AllMerus Energy
Location: London
URL: www.allmerusenergy.com

AllMerus Energy specialise in acquisition and development of operating projects and existing companies in the bioenergy (biomass, biogas and waste-to-energy), geothermal power and solar energy (technology and photovoltaic applications) sectors. The company required a small brochure web site to use as a primary marketing tool and to promote details of their latest acquisitions and development projects. Working in conjuction with their marketing team, we designed and built the web site in just under 5 weeks.

Client: Passione
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
URL: www.passione.gr

Passione is a boutique women's fashion retailer in Northern Greece and wanted a small brochure web site to use to actively market the business. The client requested that we include a short animated Flash introduction, with the latest clothes and accessories collections also being displayed in a Flash carousel. The site has helped Passione to grow, as within a couple of weeks of the launch they had already started taking orders from other parts of Greece they'd not previously had any clients in, and located new suppliers from Italy. The site defaults to Greek with an option to switch to English.

Client: Can\'t Get Insurance
Location: Bexhill On Sea
URL: www.cantgetinsurance.co.uk

We were commissioned to build this small static insurance broker web site to publicise the services of a company providing home, traval, car and life insurance cover for high-risk groups. The primary requirement was for the site to be fresh, light and clear and easy to use with simple application forms to complete. The site was build in a little under six weeks and has been used to successfully promote our client's insurance services.

Client: My Villa in the Sun
Location: Colchester
URL: www.myvillainthesun.com

My Villa in the Sun is a small villa rental site for selected property owners in Almeria, Spain. The site needed to be bright and friendly to appeal to the target market and be easy for visitors to navigate. The site includes integration with a third party provider to allow visitors to view property availability and making bookings online.

Client: Tomahawk Theatre Group
Location: Oxford
URL: www.tomahawktheatre.co.uk

The Tomahawk Theatre Company is a small local theatre group based in Oxford. The company's first productions have been critically acclaimed and they wanted a web site in order to capitalise and build upon their status. The small brochure site was built to a tight budget and still managed to deliver a distinctive brand.

Client: Sonali Bank
Location: London
URL: www.sonali-bank.co.uk

We were requested to redesign a brochure site for the bank that also incorporated self-managed latest news and currency converter functions as well as an online money transmittance application. We have since provided several years' of web site maintenance.

Client: StudioMG Architects
Location: London
URL: www.studiomgarchitects.com

A very minimalist and clean web site design was required for this leading London architects in order to promote previous projects and their range of services. The final 40-page site met with the approval of the client and they received positive feedback from their own clients too.

Client: WeightWins
Location: London
URL: www.weightwins.co.uk

Our client required a small brochure site with application form to promote their new, innovative weight loss programme that has just been released to the UK market. The initial requirement was to prepare a small website that will later feature a client login area to support the active business model. The design was based around the logo that was also designed by Ampheon.

Client: Translations Internet
Location: London
URL: www.translationsinternet.co.uk

Translations Internet are a small London-based translations agency that approached us to recover their web site and email / hosting following a poor experience with a previous provider. We recovered the domain name, hosting and emails inside 24 hours and rebuilt the website within 3 days around their existing logo concept. The result was that the agency was able to successfully trade again in a matter of days.

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