Web Development Portfolio

Portfolio of Work: Retail

Client: Cloudberry Living
Location: Maidenhead
URL: www.cloudberryliving.co.uk

Cloudberry required a customised ecommerce solution for the sale of their Scandanavian product range. The site includes full site management including content, page meta data (for the search engines), customers and orders. The site included functionality to navigate via brand or product category, a fully automated sitemap generation, fully automated search engine optimised page meta data, and automated data feeds into the leading search engines. The site was built to ensure maximum search engine compatibility.

Client: Gift Heaven
Location: London
URL: www.gift-heaven.com

Gift Heaven is a highly complex custom-written E-commerce solution for the sale of Experience Gift Vouchers. The solution we created allows for full management of the site (including all page banners) and includes reservation for specific dates, automatic notification to suppliers, auto-generated personalised vouchers in high quality PDF format, full notification to customers on purchase and delivery, VAT and accounts / order reporting, cross-selling functionality, a personalised emailshot system and automated uploads to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Google Shopping. The site also features a completely search engine friendly design to maximise the opportunity for high placed search engine positions.

Client: Style Pour Moi
Location: London
URL: www.stylepourmoi.com

Style Pour Moi is the web site of Catherine de Crèvecoeur, a Personal Stylist / Personal Shopper based in London. We were commissioned to build a site that included some standard static pages of content, as well as a Wordpress blog with a custom theme. We also included some basic search engine optimisation into the site development, with the result that within 2 weeks of putting the site live it was already into the top-10 on Google.

Client: Passione
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
URL: www.passione.gr

Passione is a boutique women's fashion retailer in Northern Greece and wanted a small brochure web site to use to actively market the business. The client requested that we include a short animated Flash introduction, with the latest clothes and accessories collections also being displayed in a Flash carousel. The site has helped Passione to grow, as within a couple of weeks of the launch they had already started taking orders from other parts of Greece they'd not previously had any clients in, and located new suppliers from Italy. The site defaults to Greek with an option to switch to English.

Client: Puma Express Delivery
Location: London
URL: www.pedelivery.com

The concept of this site was to provide a fully-featured ecommerce solution where site visitors could add groceries to a basket, pay and then have them delivered to their door within an hour. The site relied on a network of small stored to support the local nature of the service and this was accounted for in the order process (delivering notification to the nearest store). Integration was also made with eFax in order to send orders by fax to shops instead of simply by email.

Client: Premier Brush
Location: London
URL: www.premierbrush.co.uk

This online shopping site was designed for both the retail and business to business market. To meet this requirement the site featured direct payment via Worldpay for retail clients, and discount pricing structures and Pay on Account / Pay on Invoice options for trade clients.

Client: Driving Heaven
Location: London
URL: www.drivingheaven.com

Driving Heaven is the sister site to Gift Heaven, another Ampheon tailor-made ecommerce development for the sale of Experience Gift Vouchers. The site is broadly the same in terms of functionality with full management of site text, products, site banners and orders but also includes some additional functionality to allow for date-based booking using a booking calendar. Once again the site has been built from the ground up with the search engines in mind, and includes exports to Google / Yahoo / Live.com sitemaps and Google Shopping.

Client: PJ Philately
Location: Cambridge
URL: www.pjphilately.com

Ampheon were approached by PJ Philately who are a specialist stamp dealers in order to develop and online e-commerce solution. The site was custom-written and includes full administrative capabilities via a simple administration console. SagePay payment integration was used, and Ampheon are also undertook a PPC marketing campaign in order to initiate new sales interest whilst the site s natural popularity grows on the search engines.

Client: Elana Patrice
Location: London
URL: www.elanapatrice.co.uk

The brief for this web site was to carry through the offline branding to a new site design, and to allow the company to be able to update the product catalogue via an easy-to-use administrative system. We achieved this and the final system allowed the editing of the product catalogue including the uploading and automatic resizing of all product images.