Web Development Portfolio

Portfolio of Work: Financial

Client: Optimum Asset Management
Location: Luxembourg
URL: www.optimumassetmanagement.lu

Optimum Asset Management approached Ampheon to build a content-managed web site, based mainly on our experience in the Banking / Finance sector. The site was build on a PHP / mySQL framework, and offered the client an easy-to-use custom-written content management system where their administrator could manage all content, including the meta title, description and keyword tags for search engine optimisation. We also added in some basic best practice SEO techniques to help give the site an initial boost on Google.

Client: Callanish Capital Partners
Location: London
URL: www.callanishpartners.com

After successfully designing the logo for Callanish Partners last year, we were asked to build a brochure website that allowed the company to promote itself more effectively online and offline as well as meetiing with FSA regulations. The response to the web site has been positive, with the design, layout and usability receiving positive reviews both from Callanish Partners as well as our own clients.

Client: Flam Gestion
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
URL: www.flamgestion.ch

Ampheon were commissioned by Flam Gestion, a Swiss-based asset management company, to redesign their existing web site. The new site needed to carry a corporate feel that would appeal to their worldwide client base, and to be available in English and French. The new site design was a clear departure from the old site, providing a clean, fresh look that married well with the existing company logo and brand, and offered easy-to-use navigation and information on the company's funds and services.

Client: Orbis Insurance
Location: Bexhill On Sea
URL: www.orbisinsurance.co.uk

Orbis Insurance are a specialist company providing travel insurance, life and financial products for people who find it difficult to obtain cover elsewhere. We were asked to build a small marketing web site to help the company use the Internet as an additional marketing stream. The brochure site includes a number of application forms that send formatted emails that can be directly imported into the internal back-end systems.

Client: Can\'t Get Insurance
Location: Bexhill On Sea
URL: www.cantgetinsurance.co.uk

We were commissioned to build this small static insurance broker web site to publicise the services of a company providing home, traval, car and life insurance cover for high-risk groups. The primary requirement was for the site to be fresh, light and clear and easy to use with simple application forms to complete. The site was build in a little under six weeks and has been used to successfully promote our client's insurance services.

Client: Plena Group
Location: London
URL: www.plena-group.com

Plena Group, a family investment house, requested Ampheon to develop a multi-lingual content-managed (CMS) web site. The site includes a custom-written back-end system that allows English as well as Arabic and Chinese text to be added to the site, and the entire system was designed to be easy-to-use so that no training in special software was required. The content management system also includes a special section where the site administrator can manage Portfolio, Industry and Location information for tabular presentation onto the web site.

Client: Sonali Bank
Location: London
URL: www.sonali-bank.co.uk

We were requested to redesign a brochure site for the bank that also incorporated self-managed latest news and currency converter functions as well as an online money transmittance application. We have since provided several years' of web site maintenance.

Client: International Commodity Services
Location: London
URL: www.intercs.co.uk

Our client, a London-based Commodities trading company required a brochure web site for promotional purposes. The site needed to be simple, yet effective in conveying the message of their business and services without the use of standard stock photography that can sometimes cloud that message.