Web Development Portfolio

Portfolio of Work: Entertainment

Client: The Class Rooms Restaurant and Bar
Location: London
URL: www.theclass-rooms.co.uk

The Class Rooms Restaurant and Bar approached Ampheon to build a web site to help advertise the new restaurant. We were commissioned shortly before the opening of the establishment and built the brochure website on time (within 4 weeks) and to budget, with the site being ready and launched simultaneously with the restaurant. Although a static web site, the client now updates the site themselves using web page editing software.

Client: Taste of the Grape
Location: London
URL: www.tasteofthegrape.co.uk

Taste of the Grape run private and corporate wine tasting functions. We were commissioned to design a static brochure website of approximately 20 pages to help the new company to market itself effectively. A particular requirement for this site was that it worked on older (now obsolete) versions of Internet Explorer as many of the company's potential clients still used this older browser. We successfully built the site before passing access over to the client who now maintains the site in-house.

Client: Blue Dolphin Films
Location: London
URL: www.bluedolphinfilms.com

The client an independent film distributor handles the UK MGM/United Artists film library in the UK, as well as its own catalogue. The client manages a database of films in-house and the web site was built to link directly to this library. The client had specific design requirements for the site, and Ampheon adhered to those requirements and provided the database integration, functionality and output