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Ampheon Launches Cookie Compliance Service

Published on May 18, 2012

Recent UK legislation changes mean that nearly all UK web site owners must now check their web sites for compliance of UK Cookie Law, or face fines and prosecution by the Information Commissioners Office. The legislation, which comes into full effect on 26 May 2012, requires that web sites request consent from site visitors before downloading cookies.

A cookie is a small filed downloaded to a visitor’s machine that can track site behaviour, improve a site use experience, or remember site settings including monitoring how the site is used by a visitor and how and what advertisements are displayed. To date, the change in legislation has not created much of a stir, but as the implementation date of 26 May 2012 draws closer, site owners are becoming more aware of their obligations to comply and finding, at the same time, a lack of knowledge and experience on the matter when approaching their web design companies.

Ampheon, a web design company in London, has today launched a Cookie Compliance Service that provides a full end-to-end service to ensure that sites comply with UK legislation. This full service includes a site investigation, update of terms and conditions and cookie policy, a minimally-intrusive cookie consent system, any necessary code updates, and notification to existing registered clients / customers who need to be informed of a site’s change of policies. This full service is available to both Ampheon’s existing clients as well as clients of other web design companies who are in need of a professional end-to-end compliance service.

For more information, please see: http://www.ampheon.co.uk/website-design/cookie-law.html

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