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A Unique Web Site Design Launch

Published on November 11, 2010

Ampheon were recently commissioned to design a brochure web site for Unique Partnership, a London-based IT consultancy. The company wanted a small brochure web site to support their offline marketing activities and were particularly interested in a website design company providing London web design services. Ampheon fitted the bill and just a short while later the site was ready for launch.

Unique Partnership bring over 10 years' experience to the IT consultancy arena in areas such as project and programme management, smart and integrated ticketing, intelligent transport systems and asset management and disposal.

The new web site can be viewed at: www.uniquepartnership.co.uk.

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Ampheon launches the WorldShift Movement web site

Published on November 11, 2010

At 11:11 on the 11/11, Ampheon launched the WorldShift Movement website to the world. The site, based upon the WordPress platform, included a custom theme, video and image lightboxes, and multiple blogs set up to output as latest news, world news and articles. In addition to website design, we consulted and finalised the logo design as well as the twin planets graphic used by the organisation.

WorldShift Movement is a new global initiative for The People of the World to come together to co-create the foundations of a new world built upon Peace, Justice, Sustainability, Social Innovation and Conscious Evolution.

You can view the new web site at: www.worldshiftmovement.org.

Website Design Launch for CELA Spanish School

Published on October 8, 2010

Ampheon launched the new website for CELA Spanish School in Venezuela today. CELA needed a new brochure web site to appeal to UK students of Spanish and encourage them to visit Margarita Island off the Venezuelan coast for a full-immersion cultural and language experience. The design also included putting in place some basic search engine optimisation (SEO) work so that as the site launched it would be picked up by the search engines. The site was built upon the popular WordPress blog / CMS platform with a custom WordPress theme and custom WordPress forms.

CELA Spanish School was set up, and is managed by, Dr. Sabina Loffler who holds a PhD in Linguistics at UNED in Spain and a Masters in Teaching and Adult Education. She has taught Spanish as a foreign language since 1990 and is member of several teaching associations. You can visit the new web site here:


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Web Redesign for Flam Gestion by Ampheon

Published on September 20, 2010

Ampheon were selected by Swiss-based asset managers, Flam Gestion, to redesign their website. The new bilingual web site was officially launched today, giving the company a professional image that will enable them to successfully market their business to their worldwide client base.

The new web site can be viewed at: www.flamgestion.ch.

Flam Gestion was founded in 2005 and specialise in managing active equity portfolios for institutions and high net-worth individuals.

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Ampheon Launches the New Konextions Web Site

Published on August 20, 2010

Ampheon have completed a site redesign and rebuild for Konextions, and this morning the site was formally launched to coincide with the company’s offline marketing campaign.

The site was created as an online marketing brochure to promote the Konextions’ services, including a portfolio highlighting their latest stunning work.

Konextions supply electrical systems, home integration, distributed audio, distributed video, home cinema, lighting control, security, gate access, cctv, project management, design, installation & programming. They were established in 2003. The new site can be viewed at: www.konextions.co.uk.

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