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Internet Marketing

Search Engine Keyword Analysis and Review

Our innovative keyword research tool takes the guess work out of keyword analysis and helps identify niches within your sector. We do this by retrieving the key phrases related to your request from the top results returned by a search engine. An initial list typically consists of over 200 new key phrases.

We can find a lot of key phrases using the method described above - many of which you may not have thought about before. To help you test the effectiveness of each search term we use a unique system of measures for this purpose.

The first measure is related to the demand for a given key phrase. It is estimated by judging by the number of requests to the search engine for a certain time period which contained that key phrase. This measure lets you estimate the market niche size. The bigger this value, the more customers you can attract, assuming you have sufficient budget.

The second measure is associated with the competition for a given key phrase. The estimation is based on the number of pages returned by a search engine for that key phrase. This measure gives you an estimation of how many competitors are working in the same target market. The bigger this value, the more competitors you'll have, so the smaller this measure, the better.

The third measure is the demand-to-competition ratio. This measure makes it easy for you to find the niches that have a high demand, with little competition. The bigger this measure is the better.

The fourth measure is the integral potential of the keyword. It is calculated based on the demand and competition measures, and shows the market niches that have a good demand-to-competition ratio while having a large volume. This measure reflects the overall possible profitability of a keyword, and gives you a hint about what keywords are worth more in-depth targetting first. This measure is smarter than the raw demand-to-competition ratio because it takes into account the market size. Again, the bigger this measure is the better.

The final measure is the relevance of a given key phrase to your area of business. It is estimated based on the number of web pages on the Internet that contain the given keyword. It lets you automatically sort out the key phrases that match your field of business best. In most cases, the bigger this value the better, but sometimes you might be interested in not-so-relevant results, if they have a high potential.

Once concluded, our analysis will ensure that we identify high volume, traffic generating search terms that will ensure a positive return on your investment.

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