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At Ampheon, our software developers can sit down with you and design a bespoke software development solution that does everything your business requires. We are multi-award winning UK software developers, committed to providing timely delivery, best advice, outstanding designs and usability, and the highest levels of quality. That means that you can expect your bespoke software development to be built by a company with a proven track record.

"Off the shelf" software and database solutions sometimes don't solve all your company's needs. Many people make do with the best what's on offer, choosing a package that offers near enough everything they need. Studies show that 80% of users only make use of 20% of the functionality of most software packages (referred to as the 80/20 rule). We will sit down you to eliminate all the stuff "off the shelf solutions" provide that you'll never use, moving you closer to the 100/100 rule. Naturally, we'll provide you all the support you'll need to ensure your bespoke solution continues to perform for your business.

If you find your business needs evolving, Ampheon's custom website & software solutions will be there to provide advice, support and further software and database development to ensure your company maintains its business edge. Because we believe in relationships with our clients after delivery, we can monitor and recommend changes and upgrades when they're necessary to ensure your business grows at the rate you want it to.

Pre-made softwares are not built to take care of every need of an organisation. To fulfil the unique needs of your company, you will require custom software. Ampheon offers their clients with the best custom software development in UK. You no longer have to make do with software that provide you with only 20% of the required functionality that you require. Instead, get custom software which will be built to meet your company's every need. Ampheon specialises in bespoke software development, and with their continued support the software will fully benefit your business.

Alex Nicholls, Marketing Manager
Oxford English Centre

We enjoy an excellent working relationship. Ampheon understand the importance of providing outstanding customer service and delivering work on time. Most importantly the quality of Ampheon's work is of a very high standard.


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