Internet Marketing Books

Internet Marketing Books

Search Engine News and the Unfair Advantage Book

In ten easy-to-read chapters, this book will teach you the professional secrets to successful search engine optimisation, including:

  • Selection of domain names, titles and keywords
  • How to create useful meta tags that the search engines respond to
  • The tricks and illusions that you can and cannot use when optimising a site for the search engines
  • How to analyse your competitors' pages before you design your own
  • How to set up several entrances to your online store as well as branch out into multiple locations
  • The three most critical elements of top scoring pages
  • The major search engines, their order of importance, and how to get listed on each
  • The latest strategies and news to use with the top seven major engines
  • How to avoid search engine indexing problems that commonly occur with pages that use Flash, Frames, JavaScript, or Dynamic (database driven) content
  • Which tools you can use to simplify and quicken the process of analysing, optimising, and building our own top scoring web pages, and which tools you shouldn't

Furthermore, you will receive a twelve month subscription to monthly updates of the book that also includes latest news on search engine changes, useful articles, frequently asked questions, new optimisation tools, and much more.

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