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Twitter Ads And Amplify How The Social Media Site Can Help Your Business

Published on January 8, 2014
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This month saw an announcement from social media giant Twitter that got everyone talking: their ad platform is now open to all U.S. based users, including large and small businesses, online marketing specialists, the self-employed, and more. This exciting news was announced by Kevin Well (Twitter’s Senior Director for revenue) during a conference in New York at the end of April. Before this, the ad platform was more exclusive (by invitation only, in fact), and required a minimum spend level per quarter. While this is currently only open to American businesses, UK based companies will no doubt be keeping an eye on Twitter to see if their future advertising updates include the rest of the world. For now, U.S. businesses can start using Twitter advertising by logging into the business portal and answering some questions on the self-service page.

Other Twitter Advertising News
Even more recently, Twitter announced ‘Twitter Amplify’. This new feature is based on the knowledge that Twitter users like to utilise the social media platform in order to discuss what they see on television – you’ll no doubt notice the hashtags that pop up on a lot of TV shows these days. In fact, it’s said that out of all the online interaction regarding TV, 95% of it happens on Twitter; an incredible amount. Twitter Amplify is a new advertising product which relies on this connection between TV and the internet, as consumer brands can now promote television clips on the social media site – just short clips of 10 seconds or less – which are accompanied by an advert from an advertising partner of theirs. This is then, in turn, promoted by Twitter, increasing its potential online reach. Twitter users are reminded of their favourite programmes by the ads, and because of this new advertising opportunity, communication surrounding TV on Twitter is set to rise even further. 

How Can Twitter Help My Business?
With this cross-platform advertising, Promoted Tweets reach new audiences all over the world. If you’re in business and want your company to benefit from this new feature, there’s also a dashboard which advertisers can view to see when and where an ad for a certain brand is running on television, allowing timely Tweets to be sent to their followers. Along with the new adverts and Twitter Amplify, the social media site is a great platform for targeting potential customers both in your geographical area and with similar interests – just search for hashtags and see what people are saying about your field of industry, then you can either contact them to help with their questions, or offer them special deals if they go to you instead of a competitor. You can also make use of online contests and encourage customer communication… the possibilities are almost endless.

Don’t Have The Time To ‘Get Social’?
If you don’t have the time or resources to focus on building your brand via social media, seek advice from an online digital marketing specialist or a web development company; they’ll be able to answer your questions and point you in the direction of the best social media platforms for you and your business.



By Chelsey Evans

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