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Points To Consider When Linking Your Online and Offline Marketing

Published on March 18, 2013
Tags: SEO

These days, businesses need a carefully planned digital marketing strategy if they are to keep up with their competitors online, but it is just as important to focus on the more traditional methods of offline marketing. If, however, you are looking at strengthening your brand in as many mediums as possible, you’ll need to consider how you can integrate these two different types of promotion methods. After all, if a potential visitor reads about you in a printed publication but finds it difficult to locate you online, you risk losing a huge amount of business. 

Here are a few tips on how to integrate these marketing methods smoothly:
1. Match The Design Of Your Online and Offline Promotion
You will already have created your brand, including your logo, your slogan, and your website. No doubt they match in style and colour (and if they don’t, they should). But some businesses still fail to match their online and offline marketing in terms of design. Keep the same colour scheme, the same fonts, and the same logo. If customers don’t immediately recognise your brand, they could get confused and think your website belongs to a different business to the one they read about in the paper or saw on the TV. This is the same with any catchphrases or text you’ve used to promote your business or a particular product; keep your campaign messages consistent.
2. Use The Same Keywords
Similar to point 1, make sure that any popular keywords that you use in your offline marketing are placed on your website. This will help people to find you when using search engines (if they decide to look for a product rather than going straight to your business website, for example), and it will also help increase your traffic generally. If you don’t want to inundate your site with lots of keywords, think about writing a company blog and including some of the words in your posts (as long as your blog frequently links back to your corporate site).
3. Make It Easy For People To Find You
If you’re promoting yourself offline through direct mail, magazine advertisements, TV ads or any other method, make sure that you include your website address on everything – this works particularly well if your URL is short and catchy. If you’re worried that your address may be too long or that it could get confused with another brand, think about including a QR code on printed publications. This way, people with smartphones (and computers) can just scan the code and get taken to your landing page. Anything that will increase your website traffic should have time spent on ensuring it’s done properly.
The more effort you put into integrating your online and offline marketing campaigns, the more traffic your site will get, leading to a higher ROI. As long as you keep both parts of your marketing consistent and accessible, potential customers will continue to find you – both from online promotion and from the more traditional non-digital methods of marketing.

By Chelsey Evans

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