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New company profile pages for LinkedIn

Published on October 17, 2012
Tags: Internet Communication

Users of the business social networking site LinkedIn may well have recently logged on to discover that company profile pages on the site have been given a slick new look and layout. The redesign is intended to help drive LinkedIn forward as the leading social network for business use in the face of increasing competition from mainstream social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Inspiration has certainly been taken from mainstream social networks, with the new header image on each company profile page looking remarkably similar to those used on Twitter profiles and Facebook pages. At 646px x 220px, the image is the main focal point when visitors first hit a company’s profile page. Businesses can also make status updates ‘sticky’, keeping them highlighted for up to 48 hours, which is particularly useful if you are trying to get an important message across using your LinkedIn company profile page.
In terms of the header image, companies will need to ensure theirs is bold and eye-catching, making the most of the large amount of screen real estate LinkedIn have provided for this use. Images do, however, need to be kept under 2MB in size. Your company branding can now take centre stage on your LinkedIn page.
Although the pages have been made far more attractive and visually appealing, the functionality of company information and employee relationships has also been improved, making LinkedIn infinitely more usable for you and your employees. It’s vital that you keep your company information up to date and provide detailed yet concise information for those who may be viewing your business profile page on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn is a great place to push your products and services and the new company profile pages update makes it easier than ever to get your message across to potential partners and clients. It even makes it easier to hire new members of staff and advertise employment vacancies through your company profile page and across the site. It is clear that LinkedIn have not only had an eye on the visual aspect of the social network when designing this new update, but also on the functionality and networking side of things. After all, is that not what LinkedIn is for?
There’s now no excuse for your business not to have its own company profile page on LinkedIn. If you do not already have one set up, it is quick and easy to do and will help brand your business on the social network with great effect. In the modern age of social networking, your company deserves to have a presence and will be able to reap enormous rewards through effective use of social networking and social media optimisation. The new, improved company profile pages on LinkedIn are just the tip of the iceberg.

By Chelsey Evans

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