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Marketing With Social Media Badges

Published on February 22, 2013
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Social media marketing is nothing new, and neither are social media sharing badges, but how do you utilise these links to make the most of what you’re trying to promote? A lot of it, of course, depends on your type of business, but if you use a blog for SEO or other marketing purposes, knowing when to – and when not to – use social media badges can help you to attract more readers to your website.

So what things do you need to consider before using these badges on your blog or site?
1. Deciding Which Social Media Sites To Choose
There are hundreds of social media websites out there, and you need to choose which ones will be most useful for your business. For example, if you have a technology or science blog which will be of interest to many people, using Facebook and Twitter could help attract more visitors to your site. If it is a very specific business article, LinkedIn or Google + might be better. If you’re a photographer, Pinterest will be of great use to you. 
Just make sure that you limit yourselves to two or three: too many icons will make your website slow to load, which will put visitors off and will also damage your search engine listing. Speed aside, too many social media buttons will overwhelm your readers, and if they’re being asked to share on too many different sites, they might end up not sharing at all.
2. Deciding On The Type Of Sharing Button To Use
There are two main types of sharing buttons for social media: ordinary sharing icons and counter buttons. Counter buttons are becoming more popular, but if your article or blog post has no or only a few shares or likes, it could hinder rather than help you in promoting your site. People could see the small amount of interest and decide against looking at the article. An idea is to use ordinary sharing icons, and then change to counter buttons when your blog is getting more visitors.
3. Integrating The Buttons Into Your Site Design
Most social media sites will come with generic buttons you can use on your website or blog, and while it’s good to use images that are instantly recognisable to your readers, it doesn’t mean you have to be exactly the same as every other blog out there. Getting creative with your social media buttons can set your site or business apart from the rest and can help to attract more visitors. Adapt the button to your website’s colour theme, or include it in the actual design instead of having the buttons as separate elements. Anything that makes your site different will intrigue visitors and encourage them to read what you have to say.
In deciding on the most relevant sites for your business, the types of buttons to use, and how to integrate them into your website in an interesting way, you will be able to make the most of social media sharing.

By Chelsey Evans

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