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Is developing mobile web projects easy with Adobe Edge Inspect?

Published on November 23, 2012
Tags: Mobile Application Development

Adobe is adding to its range of tools and services for mobile web projects by introducing Adobe Edge Inspect which is designed as a workflow and preview tool which can be simulated across multiple mobile web browsers.

This is useful if you need to pair your smartphone and your tablet with your computer so you can work across all devices simultaneously. It’s also the ideal tool for web developers and designers who want a more efficient and streamlined experience when working on apps and other web projects.

What makes it different?

One of its key features is that it allows you to take screenshots of your mobile content from a number of connected devices while providing you with synchronous browsing and remote inspection. For example you can pair multiple iOS and Android devices wirelessly to your computer, while with Edge Inspect you can also browse in Chrome to ensure all connected devices stay in sync.

Edge Inspect also has a number of development tools which allow changes to be made to HTML, CSS and JavaScript, while updating the device instantly. The screenshots are also easy to use as simply by pressing a single button you can connect all devices and then send and save them with your colleagues. It also allows you to transfer all screenshots to your computer and specify which folders they will be sent to.

Other features which Edge Inspect gives the user, to name just a few, include; Localhost URL support, the ability to hide and show Edge Inspect UI on mobile devices, HTTP authentication support, URL management, Cache management, HTML support as well as Amazon Kindle Fire support. The web technologies it utilises includes HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Adobe’s commitment to enhancing web creativity

At one of Adobe’s recent keynote sessions in San Jose, California they announced the availability of Adobe Edge Inspection which used to be called ‘Shadow’ alongside a number of other programs they are introducing for editing.

Adobe Edge Inspect is just one valuable tool which web developers and designers can use from a new set of powerful HTML5 tools which make it easy to make beautiful websites, mobile apps and digital content.

Adobe’s passion for giving creative people the ability to do anything they want with Web technologies is why they’re contributing to the Web platform in a big way, by making the Edge Tools and services available for free. This is a great move by Adobe who are giving professionals the tools and freedom they need to change the web, by producing visually appealing content across multiple platforms.

If you want to get started with Edge Inspect and the other tools available from Adobe, you can get a free Creative Cloud membership which gives you all the sources you need to create, collaborate and keep your projects in sync across a range of devices. This handy tool is ideal if you also want to install any of the new Edge Tools and Services along with publishing any apps and websites.

By Chelsey Evans

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