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How Is Email Marketing Changing?

Published on January 25, 2013
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With all the current focus on new and exciting marketing methods for online business promotion, email can sometimes get left behind, but the truth is that email marketing is constantly changing and improving, and it can still be a useful tool in gaining and keeping customers.

So what should we expect to see from email marketing in the upcoming year? Here are just a few of the many changes that businesses will be making to this marketing method in order to keep it up to date and relevant with today’s savvy web users.
1. Keep Your Email Campaigns Going
Some businesses are leaning more towards social media sites as well as their own company blog to keep in contact and interact with their customers. While this is good in terms of utilising inbound marketing techniques to attract new clients, not everyone uses social media in this way. This is particularly relevant with B2B companies; some people still prefer to keep their business life separate from their online social life, and therefore ignore interacting with brands on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. By all means, use these websites to target some customers, but be aware that others will still prefer receiving information from you solely through your business mailing list.
2. Embrace Mobile Platforms
Smartphones and tablets are getting more popular every day, and they are expected to get even more widespread this year. People want to access the web – and therefore their emails – on the go, quickly and easily and with minimal fuss. Businesses are slowly catching on to the fact that they should have mobile-friendly websites – by using responsive layouts, for instance – but they also need to focus on distributing mobile-friendly emails. This means only sending the most important information, and in a way that is easily read while on the move.
3. Make Use of Videos In Emails
Gone are the days where videos in emails are slow-loading and a hassle to watch; this year, HTML5 is expected to be utilised by many big brands in their email marketing campaigns. Get across all of the information you need in an entertaining and informative video, instead of emailing lots of long paragraphs that no one will want to read on their mobile device.
4. Using Automated Campaigns
Automated campaigns are used regularly by both B2C and B2B businesses, and they’re not going anywhere in the upcoming year. Some companies have started sending automated emails based on specific individual client information – such as customers’ birthdays – whereas others have been using behavioural based campaigns to target specific types of clients with their emails. ‘Welcome’ campaigns will continue to be just as important as ever in keeping new customers engaged with what your business has to offer.
If you make the emails you send to your clients easy to access and easy to read, as well as being informative and innovative – in the use of videos, for example – you will give your email marketing campaign the best chance to attract new customers and keep your existing clients happy.

By Chelsey Evans

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