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How Important Is User Experience For Businesses?

Published on April 23, 2014

Almost every modern business has heard of the term 'user experience', but not realise just how important it is for their company. Businesses that are willing to remain competitive in today's crowded, constantly changing mobile application market need to see user experience as the key to their success.
Intuitive design provides the most satisfying results for users and is considered to be the right approach. At the same time, intuitive apps are the result of many user experience approaches that when combined create "a feeling of contentment", according to UX Magazine. But user experience is not just about good graphics. It needs to take into account the whole experience when a user interacts with a product, a brand or a service. It foresees the user's needs and engagement before assessing the technological element.
In order to design an app, first you have to identify your target audience. Usually, developers conduct research and review a large portion of market and demographics data. Some studies show differences between app consumption habits of men and women. For instance, women install 40% more apps than men, they purchase 17% more paid apps and pay 87% more for them, according to data research of 500 million users carried out by mobile analytics firm, Apsalar. The study also found that female users use apps more often than men - 600% more social media apps, 90% more news apps and 89% more productivity apps.
That said, developers need to pay more attention to the discovery stage. Researching the market can help them better understand the competition and thus identify the advantages as well as the issues they could face. App developers should focus on more practical, user-focused app designs, because applications today are becoming a richer, more human and content-concentrated experience. Businesses need to study how users interact with the different design elements in order to understand the patterns in usage as well as considering the feelings and emotions generated by the app's design.
Finally, developers need to ensure that the design process for each app and brand is different. They have to concentrate on the app's real purpose - to increase its value. The perfect user experience must generate a positive emotional connection between the user and the business, not just between the consumer and the app. The application must also create value for the brand and at the same time deliver a unique mobile experience to the customer.

By Chelsey Evans

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