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How can you build a brand through web design?

Published on July 13, 2012
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There are plenty of different factors to think about when decided on your company’s web design – but don’t forget that you need to keep your brand in mind. For example, if your company is quite well-known, it makes sense to ensure your website is designed in such a way that your brand will be familiar to the people who use your website. Here are a few things you might like to think about when looking to build your brand through web design.

This is another way of saying the ‘feel’ of your website. What kind of company are you? Are you known for your professional image or is your image slightly more fun and funky? This can affect how your website is designed, so even though it might sound like quite an objective thing, it’s useful to think about it and know what kind of signal you want to send.
The colours
The colours you use on your website are one of the most obvious ways you can build a brand through web design. For instance, most companies have their ‘company colours’, which are associated with them and which appear on all of their marketing material. These are often the colours you have used on your company logo, which can be used as a good base for deciding the scheme for the rest of the website.
Don’t forget that colours can also add to the feel of the site and can help you evoke a sense of what your brand is, even without the use of specific graphics. As an example, colours such as cool blue and green can appear to be quite calming, while silvers and greys could help to evoke a professional air for your website.
Consistent message
If your website is too eclectic, it could end up harming your brand. It makes sense to be consistent in your web design so that people feel reassured whenever they use your website. It also makes good design sense, as a website that is consistent throughout is more likely to look good and be easy for web users to understand than one that utilises a completely different design for each page. 
That’s not to say you can’t have any variation, but that every page on your website needs to fit into the overall scheme of the design. For instance, you might have different graphics on each page, but they might all have a similar theme to help bring them together under your brand. Utilising the same background colours for graphics, or having a focus on curved, flowing lines are a couple of examples of how you could tie together different graphics.
Another benefit of consistency (such as by using the same page layout for different parts of the site) is that the same stylesheets can be used multiple times. One of the benefits of this is that it can help your website to load faster as there won’t be quite as much unique coding for the site to download.
Of course, your choice of content also plays a crucial role in building your brand through your web design. For example, you might like to think about the tone of the content and the kind of language you use. It can be useful to look at the websites of your competitors to see the kind of content they utilise, and determine how you can create content that will stand out for your own site. You might also think about the words that can be associated with your business, and work out how they could be built into your content. It isn’t unusual to find statements of business missions on websites, so that’s something else to consider.
Don’t forget social media, either. That can be an important part of a company’s brand, and so including social media links on your site can be a good option to choose. Your web design company can even design bespoke links back to your social media pages to make sure they’re in keeping with the rest of the website.
Overall, there are no hard and fast rules to building your brand through web design, not least because every brand is different. However, it is an issue that definitely requires some thought as it can have a significant impact on the trust people have for your site – and your business overall. Making sure you’ve got your branding right is certainly a worthwhile task.

By Chelsey Evans

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