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Five Tips For Mobile App Success

Published on March 21, 2014

There seems to be an app for pretty much everything these days. Smartphones and tablets are easily outselling computers and this trend looks here to stay. This means that anyone running an online business must pay particular attention to its mobile experience.
In the world of B2B business apps companies are faced with a number of challenges. The cost of developing, launching and maintaining a mobile application is an ongoing commitment, as is ensuring the app is integrated with your sales, marketing and customers' needs. Make sure your app works for your business by following these five guidelines.
Make your app fully interactive
The majority of business-to-business marketing and sales apps are tablet-based versions of existing presentations, videos and literature. Replicating content just so it can be used with a touch screen does not make that information any more effective. Businesses need to engage with the user on a sensory level and develop an emotional connection. Always remember it is the user who will decide how they want to explore the app.
Make your app inclusive
A mobile-first approach is beneficial, but your app should cater for all devices. Make sure it is available as an independent app for desktops and as an app for browsers, as well as for smartphones and tablets.
Make your app work offline
Marketing and sales professionals often face challenges when it comes to web access, for example working in venues where Internet access is limited or even unavailable. So, it is important to have an app that can function when a device is offline as well as online.
Instant updates
When an update is made to the application it needs to reach the end user immediately. By distributing this on an incremental basis to all local apps users will have access to the most recent version of the content the next time they are online.
Monitor your app
With engagement analytics in place businesses can really begin to understand how the app is being used. By tracking how users are engaging with each segment of the app, where users are located and on what device they are running the app you will gain valuable insights into the user experience. It will also help you make any improvements in the future.
There is no doubt that business-to-business applications for marketing and sales help a company increase sales and improve its marketing efficiency. But by creating transparency throughout the lifecycle of an app – development, implementation and maintenance – you will ensure prolonged success of the app.
If you'd like to find out more about how a mobile app could work for your business, we can help. Our in-house team offers bespoke design and build of mobile applications and we are confident you will see the benefits for your business.
Of if you are looking for an alternative to designing a mobile app you may want to consider making your site more responsive. We will be blogging about responsive design next week so come back soon and find out how it can help your business. See you then...

By Chelsey Evans

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