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Does the internet need a new web development model?

Published on November 16, 2012
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Since its formation, the internet has undergone numerous changes, the most significant of which is the change from being a system-centred database to a user-centred system which focuses on the needs and demands of customers.

When the internet was created it was designed as a virtual library, where if you didn’t find what you wanted you carried on looking or just gave up. During this period, users rarely complained if they didn’t find what they wanted.

During the 90’s, the web developed into a new era known as the ‘Transaction Internet’ phase. The internet was no longer used for just finding out new information but for carrying out functions which would’ve previously been done on the telephone, mail or in person. These type of transactions expanded so that users could get new accounts, make payments, contributions, get licenses, permits and all other kinds of transactions.

By developing the internet for use in this way, the user-driven web was born and by 1999, the web refocused its efforts from being based for designers and managers to shifting its accessibility to users and consumers. This change meant that users had control over what kind of content they wanted and they demanded systems which functioned how they wanted. Designers had to change their approach to web design and development to make it user friendly.

Is a new development model needed?

According to a recent article by CMS wire, the internet has developed dramatically since the 00’s and over a decade on with user demands increasing and organisations adding more transactions to enhance their presence on the web, it might be time for a new web development model to come to fruition.

The web system community has been looking to the business system community because of their proven methodologies for developing and providing a stable presence for their brands.

A big reason for this is that the user content on the web is nowhere near as predictable as in business systems. The web system community has tried to apply system development tools to any tasks they have, but the results have often been less than hoped for. Increasingly this is because while these methods work, new challenges are arising as a result of failing to meet core assumptions based on these methods.

Business systems are designer controlled meaning they offer a more professional insight into how to make the web system successful. Web based systems in contrast are often controlled by their users or providers of the information. Business systems are internal and designed to make the system successful, whereas web based systems base their ideology on building the necessary support into the system, based on whatever the user requires.

What does this mean for future web development?

A combination of the best of both business systems and web user driven systems is undoubtedly the way forward. Providing rigor into the system could ultimately improve the user experience while appeasing both the providers and users.

By Chelsey Evans

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