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Digital Marketing: When Mobile Meets Email

Published on January 8, 2014
Tags: Mobile Application Development

Email campaigns have been a part of digital marketing for years, with companies of all shapes and sizes relying on mailing lists to get the word out to their existing and potential customers. The need to constantly send out offers, deals, and reminders to clients hasn’t changed, but the way people use the internet most definitely has. We are, of course, talking about mobile and everything that goes with it. Internet users now browse the web and receive their emails when they’re out and about, such as when they’re shopping in the high street. If your business really embraces the mobile platform – and all of the possibilities it offers – you could be reaching out to so many more potential customers. Here are just a few tips on how to make the most of mobile.

SMS & Email
Just because we’re focusing on the internet here doesn’t mean that you should forget about things like text messages. Using SMS as a form of marketing works better now that so many people own smartphones, and can click or call directly from a message to find out more information on a certain company or deal they’re offering. Text messages can, however, be a little limiting in terms of how many characters you have to work with. Emails are better in terms of being able to use text, images, and white space to create an attractive message that is easy to read and easy to click through to a website (just make sure your text and links are big enough to click on without being fiddly).

App Development
You should have a mobile-friendly website no matter what (look up responsive web design development for this), but it can also help to offer your customers the opportunity to download an app. Just make sure that your app is worth downloading – even if it’s free, users will want the application to offer them something they can’t get on your regular site. Gamification principles work really well on mobile apps – offer customers rewards or offers and incorporate fun games or missions in order to engage with potential clients. Just make sure all of your contact and other important details are included in the app as well.

Checking In
The fact that people take their phones everywhere with them is great news for businesses trying to market through mobiles, and the ability of users to ‘check in’ at their favourite places should be made the most of. Offer incentives for customers if they check in to your place of business, such as so much percent off the food bill or a free drink if they bring so many friends with them. Getting creative with ‘check ins’ is a fun way of marketing, and one that customers will definitely respond to.

If you’re still unsure about where or how to start, ask an expert in web design & development to give you some advice; there are a wide range of digital marketing specialists out there, from freelancers to entire web development teams. Some specialise in specific areas, whereas others will cover all forms of online marketing, so make sure you do your research before hiring anyone.

By Chelsey Evans

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