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Custom software; what are the indications that my business needs it?

Published on October 22, 2012
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Custom software is widely available for businesses small and large, but it is one of those products for which can be notoriously difficult to assess the benefits. After all, how do you know if your business needs custom software? We’ve taken a look at the major features and benefits in order to help you decide whether or not custom software could be beneficial for your business.

Do you or your staff find yourselves reentering similar data into various different pieces of software? Or do you distribute a large amount of printed material - something which could be replaced electronically? These are both major signs that your company could benefit hugely from custom software. Any time-consuming manual work can be easily automated, saving your business time and money. Even time spent doing boring and tedious calculations in order to gauge sales and profit levels can be easily clawed back through software automation.
Many companies and employees keep data in spreadsheets. This is incredibly inefficient and will be losing your company time and money, eating into your profit margins. If you’ve found yourself using similar workarounds because there doesn’t seem to be an off-the-shelf software package which suits your needs, it’s time to have a custom software system built just for you. You’d be surprised: it’s actually not that expensive and is quite an easy process to go through.
Custom software increases your company’s efficiency by automating routine and laborious activities, which leaves your staff free to deal with real tasks which will directly benefit your customers. Office material costs will also be cut due to the dwindling need for paperwork and manual administration, making your custom business software even more profitable for you and your company. You’ll no longer need to employ people to send out invoices, emails or manage appointments - this can all be done using custom software.
These days, time is money and the incredibly huge savings which can be made in terms of time translates into pure profit for your company. There are also benefits to be made in terms of security, which may sound strange considering the fact that much of your company’s data will be held in one central system. However, the size of this system is to its advantage in terms of security. Your current system of spreadsheets, Access databases and printed paper is possibly as unsecured as it could be. Storing this information in a central database accessed by custom software allows it to take advantage of a specifically-built security system which will ensure that your data is kept safe from prying eyes. The UK’s Data Protection Act does, in fact, make securing data a legal obligation for your company.
So, if you’re looking to cut the costs of administration and the tedium of recurring and laborious tasks, along with the added advantages of increased security and rising profits, it seems that custom software really could be the answer for your business.

By Chelsey Evans

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