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Benefits Of Responsive Websites

Published on April 30, 2014
Tags: Web Development

We are all familiar with responsive web design. If not, you probably just don't know it yet. More and more websites are being designed to adjust automatically to the size of the device it is opened on – desktop, smartphone or tablet – and for good reason. This technology can benefit businesses in a number of ways.
Responsive design provides a better user experience and faster opening speed compared to native apps and mobile websites. Responsive websites are also easier to access via the Internet without the need to download an app.
The convenience of only having one website to maintain is a great advantage for businesses. Any changes to the website are made just once and are seen across all platforms. By focusing on one website your site is more likely to run smoothly. Managing more than one website can become confusing. It is also easier to send updates to users, without having to consider app stores' rules or other regulations.
Another important benefit of responsive design is that it is cost-effective, especially compared to the development of mobile-friendly websites and native apps. It is easier to develop and to maintain as it has the same source code for various operating systems. The website content can be quickly updated via a content management system (CMS). Using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface, means edits are much easier than in HTML code.
Responsive websites also simplify the call-to-action, which is useful for marketing purposes. This is also helpful in terms of website traffic, as it generates traffic to one domain only, making the website more appealing to search engines and increasing the credibility of the website.
Responsive websites allow users to directly interact with your company, which is almost impossible to achieve through an app. This in turn can provide valuable customer insights from website metric systems, which are more sophisticated than native app analytics.
Finally, social media has a huge mobile audience. Linking products, content, services and discounts or offers from your website to social media channels can be a huge advantage for any business.
If you would like to find out how a responsive website could benefit your business, get in touch with us to discuss your options.

By Chelsey Evans

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