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Google Analytics not showing statistics data for 2 November 2010

Published on November 3, 2010
Tags: SEO

On 3 November 2010 when site owners went to Google Analytics to view their statistics they probably had something of a shock to find that on 2 November 2010 they had no site visits... not a single one ... zero ... none ... nill ... naught ... zilch....

Initially questions from our own clients arose such as whether we'd removed the tracking code or done something to prevent either Google Analytics from working or blocking the site so nobody could view it. Of course, that hadn't happened and some Internet searches later we realised that we were not alone with the Google stats problem as chat forums were buzzing with reports of the same problem.

Meanwhile, and as with our previous report of perfectly good pages vanishing from Google, the Internet giant has so far remained silent.

So, what could be the potential causes? Here's our top-5 selection... let us know if you have more!

  1. Someone's pushed the wrong button at Google and the entire Analytics system has failed
  2. The guy at Google who pushes the button to generate out Analytics stats every day is still out voting in the mid-term elections, or perhaps still partying if he (or she) is a Republican
  3. Google's decided that a day of mystery and guesswork will add some excitement to our lives
  4. We've all been moved to a parallel universe where nobody browses the Internet
  5. Google's winding down it's business and trying to wean us off it gently, service-by-service

Of course, maybe they're all wrong. Maybe we did just disable all of our client's sites for a day because we didn't have much else to do on Tuesday. I'm not sure the world's ended just yet, but it does make you realise that as a business owner just how much a part of your life Google really is when you're trying to work out your ROI's, CTRs, CPCs and other important acronyms.

Come on Google - let us know what's happening....

03/11/10 UPDATE: Just a couple of hours after writing this article, Analytics is back. The world is saved and we can all sleep easy in our beds tonight knowing our web sites are actually being visited.

By Chelsey Evans

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