Bespoke software development, London: Our Working Methods

Bespoke Software Development

bespoke software development london

We implement the very best processes & techniques to ensure we deliver quality software developent solutions.

Here’s a summary of the key strategies and concepts we employ for delivering high quality software on time.

Schedule to succeed

We follow a highly structured approach to project delivery to ensure we deliver a quality solution in a timely manner. Our project leaders start by providing a well-defined and realistic schedule. They ensure our client and internal team are in synch with the schedule by meticulously tracking progress on our intranet and in status meetings on a daily and weekly basis.

Functional Project Specifications

Functional project specifications act as the blueprint for your application. We appreciate our clients aren't always technical, so we prepare our specifications in an informative and readable manner making the end result as easy as possible to visualise. The high level of detail improves our Quality Assurance process ensuring everything works as it should. They also provide a valuable content bed for user guides.

Wireframing & Visualisation of the Project

Large-scale application specifications can be difficult to digest; we can therefore further assist our clients with a working prototype.

Consistent Development Environment

All members of your development team will be defined a common environment to ensure they are following a common set of coding standards.


A dedicated Project Manager will be your single point of contact to eradicate communication issues, ensure timely project updates as well as ensure up to date documentation.

Project Management

Providing transparency with the client throughout the development process, ensuring the project is on schedule and on budget through frequent milestones and consistent communication are at the heart of our project management practices.

Regular Day-to-Day Project Meetings

Our weekly team meetings ensure every member of the team is motivated towards a common goal. With measurable targets and specific objectives in place, your Project Manager will ensure the team are up to speed on the current project status and are meeting those targets.