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Bespoke Software Development

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We offer an unconditional guarantee for your development for a period of three months.*

You have a business to run, and the last thing you need is to have to be worried about problems with your web site. We appreciate that, which is why we offer our no hassle web site support.

Unconditional Guarantee

We offer an unconditional guarantee for your web site development for a period of three months * following completion of the project to the specification. If during this period errors are found within the development, they will be corrected free of charge. Future site changes (‘Change Requests’) include a one month guarantee on the changed code if errors are found with the change request.

What happens after three month's?

Normally, you’ll be charged our standard hourly rate to investigate and fix any issues, and any issue will enter our business hours only standard development support queue for review, with an average turnaround time of 3-5 days. Some of our clients tell us that’s just fine for them, but equally other many of our clients have asked for a priority support agreement. That’s why we’ve come up with our no hassle web site support plans.

Priority support agreements

Our priority support agreements include some, or all, of the following (depending on the agreement selected):

  • a continued guarantee on all site code
  • a guaranteed response time to any issues you raise.
  • inclusive development hours each month
  • extended out-of-hours support
  • proactive browser compatibility monitoring
  • web site search engine performance monitoring
  • a dedicated account manager
  • free seminars


Our priority support agreements can start from as little as £30 per month, although it will depend on the final value of your project. Your account manager will be able to confirm the support agreement best suited to your needs.

* applies to complete web site projects, and not change requests